Output Multiplier

  • Adds an additional output to a 13005 or 13001 Dome Light Dimmer to allow higher current capacity.
  • Dims and brightens the output line in unison with the input line.
  • Controls up to 3 amps 
  • Multiple units can be connected to the same sense wire to drive additional circuits.
  • Works with both LED and incandescent lights
  • Simple four wire installation.
  • One year warranty.

Some customers need to control more than 3-4 dome lights with their 13005 Dimmer.  This unit is for those customers.  

Install a 13005 Deluxe Dome Light Dimmer as usual.  Connect some bulbs (up to 3 amps or so) to that controller.  Tie the input wire of the Output Multiplier to the output of the 13005 and now you have another circuit that can drive an additional 3 amps.

Need more?  Just keep ganging these together to drive as many bulbs or LEDs as you need.

$48.99 PN 13025   (Buy Now on our ebay store)

13025 Installation.PDF


Tech Specs:

2”x1.5”x1” plastic enclosure with mounting tabs.

Internal resettable fuse. 

Fully potted

2 foot, 18 gauge leads for power, ground, input sense and output control.

Simple installation

Made in the USA

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